Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Competition In The Self-Service Industry Benefits Retailers

Here’s a key takeaway for retailers from the KioskCom convention: If you haven’t already recognized the value of offering self-service options to your customers, now’s an ideal time to capitalize on the increased competition within the kiosk and digital signage industry. Technology vendors are now offering more service, support, and innovative solutions to get and maintain your business in this competitive climate.

“The self-service space is changing,” Telpar director of marketing Rebecca Whalen told me at KioskCom. “More entrepreneurs are entering the industry, forcing us to be more creative. As a result, we need to offer broader product sets and give customers more technical support as well as idea support.”

While the retail market suffered another losing month in April, you can improve your survival odds by expanding your kiosk and self-service offerings. The payoff could come now — with increased customer satisfaction — and later, in the form of cost savings and added revenue. As Nanonation founder, president, and CEO Bradley Walker said in his KioskCom opening remarks, “Investments in self-service and digital signage, even in down times, can lead to transformative results.”

For more on KioskCom 2009, check out these two recent stories on Retail Solutions Online covering a dominant theme at the conference — full-service is the new self-service — and analysis and product information from KioskCom exhibitors.


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